5 Tips for Expecting Grandmothers

There are many times that women who have already had children get to be excited. And one of those times is the birth of a grandchild. There may be behavioral etiquette practices. Here are five tips for expecting grandmothers that will help you to stay cool in a time of stress:

1. Assume your daughter or son will do it differently

You might be the mother of a great son. He may or may not be married to his partner. Or you might have a daughter and are so excited she has finally become pregnant. Either way, those parents will be related to you now because that is your grandchild.

But don’t go swoop in and assume that they want your help just because you are family. They might have very different ideas about how they want to prepare for their child. And you must never assume they want your advice.

2. Mend Your Fences

In a December 2016 article in Baby Center entitled “Top 7 tips for new and expecting grandparents”, the writer Melanie Haiken expresses her sentiment on this topic. She says that grandparents need to try to have good relationships with everyone involved. This can seem like a daunting task, but defer to point number one. You need to stay relaxed and let everyone do their thing. Haiken recommends that if you don’t know the other set of grandparents, you should ask for an introduction. You will now be all in this thing together.

3. Be Positive

In The Spruce, the article “10 Tips for Grandparents-to-Be” by Susan Adcox written on October 23, 2017, emphasizes the importance of this. In fact, Adcox makes a distinction that while it will not all be positive, you can still choose to focus on the good.

This means, according to Adcox, when you tell your own baby stories, look for happy memories. You will be able to find a lot of joy in relaying the parts about your baby experience with your children. It will help put their minds at ease. Also, who doesn’t like hearing stories about their own childhoods?

4. Show Your Flexibility

It will be stressful for the mother to be in her pregnancy. She might still be working a job. That can be difficult on the body. You can always offer to bring her by some meals. If you are not living in her city, you can gift her a box that is delivered monthly with fresh food and produce. She will probably not admit it, but she will be over the moon that she can have your help but not necessarily be bombarded with phone calls. You can show your support by periodically asking her if she needs help in any areas. Be the type of person that can graciously accept yes or no.

5. Be a Caring Ear

Some women get emotional during pregnancy. They will just need someone that they can call up and not be judged. Even if you don’t have the greatest relationship with your daughter or son, during this time, they might feel very maternal. They might call you up out of the blue, just wanting someone to listen to them. If you can be that person in that moment without holding it against them later, they will secretly count their blessings. You can be that rock that your family needs, even if it’s only one phone call for the entire year. Chances are, one positive call will lead to more in the future.

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