4 Fun Games you can play with your grandchildren

Kids most at times may constantly stare on cell phones screens playing those video games but then that does not imply that you can capture their attention and direct it to doing something not technology oriented. Actually Todaysparent.com points out that  kids simply love learning new things and especially from grandparents and their parents too. Video games are not necessarily all you need so that you can have fun and console your grandchildren. All you need to do is recall those old-fashioned childhood games as well as the other activities you termed fun while at those young stages. Most certainly, your grandchildren would very much love those activities. One thing you should be sure of is that grandparents never feel outgrowing their playing need. Some of those games include:

Rope skipping

It might hit you that jumping rope rhymes are so far forgotten from your brain as you used to do them during your youth but then remembering such moves needs only beginning on reading the classics. What you all need for this classic rope jump fun is a single long rope. Have a person at each end of the rope then the one jumping in the middle. If you are only two of you can also play the game by tying one end on a post or tree at least above your waist. There is also a one-person jump rope which you can as well opt for. This game is not only for fun but also will get your grandchildren cardio workout for keeping fit.

Fly away 

According to this article things that fly have some magic in them. Fly away involves use of flying toys which will also teach the grandchildren some physics. The flying toys can be bought or made and also teach the child some skills. You can make helicopters or paper airplanes for playing indoors and airplanes, parachutes, try kites which will be tied on rubber bands for outdoor playing. For the outdoor flying adventures consider areas which have no trees, electricity poles or any other form of obstruction.

Play ball

You remember during the childhood moments the grounders and fliers? This makes one among the many games which one can play using a ball. Get to teach your grandchildren these game and be sure that this will be their routine game especially when it’s sunny. Such games are perfectly played using softballs, rubber balls small in size or tennis balls. They will require quite larger playgrounds for playing. It is fun and more fun bouncing or tossing the ball forth and back. No matter the technique you use, be sure the grandchildren will finally have the ball.

Swing, hop or run

Most of the grandparents can recall memories of those outdoor classic games such as statue swing, hopscotch and tag. Get to teach your grandchildren such games. They are among the most fun, easy and cheap games. The children will as well have a chance of exercising and you will also too as you teach them. All you need is a coach who will judge or rather referee to know who is not swinging, hopping or running like agreed. 

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